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Hello every body.if this is the first time you visited wizdom here is what you need to know this webpage is managed by a 14 year old kid so you could imagine how smart i am well lets get back to the topic.their is a lot you could do here once you get to know it,first there are links to probably the best social medias under the logo,second their is a blog where i would post important things and any one can comment on it,next there is a news page where breaking news would be posted,then there is a guestbook its for guest to comment with out putting any more information maybe email and name,then next their is contact us page that is used when you have problems any problem will be resolved and posted on FAQ to help other users,then their is an online games pages that is recommended for kids but adults could play it {pointing this out this games are added by their popularity if their are any games that are inappropriate for kids age below 8 we are sorry}and at last their is a video page which is actually the purpose of this page it is a site where Ethiopian could share video and discuss about important things.  
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6 EdgarPam  
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1 teb  
HttpWebRequest request =  
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             XmlDocument doc2 = new XmlDocument();

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